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Antique Building Materials

Cut Stone

Many of the barns and other structures we reclaim have stone foundations, stone walls, and other stone elements such as window sills, lintels, and door stoops. Like our frugal ancestors we don't let any of this material go to waste, but reuse it in other construction projects and resell it to others for their use.  There is usually well over 2000 tons of stone in our variety of stone inventory.  Check out the following stone photo gallery for an example of the places the stone came from and types of stone.

Stone Lintels & Sills, Click for Stone Inventory

Contact us for current availability and pricing.

Old Glass

We have lots of old window glass with its characteristic imperfections, tiny bubbles, bits of sand, and occasional ripples. Valued for its rustic charm and authenticity by home restorers dedicated to exacting detail. We can cut panes to your specifications. Contact us for current availability and pricing.


The "Slate Belt" of southeastern Pennsylvania provided building materials for the early settlers and for centuries thereafter, until labor costs made it out of the reach of the average consumer. It was used for roofing tiles, door sills, walkway paving stones, and even counter tops! On most of the old structures the slate roofing is rotted and unusable, but occasionally we find some still in excellent condition. Not for the budget conscious, but for those who want the authentic and rugged look of a real slate roof.

This is a hard to find item and goes quickly so please contact us for current availability and pricing.

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