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Vinatage Lumber Stored in WarehouseVintage Lumber

We have reclaimed 1000s of board feet of vintage lumber from various old buildings. It is available in a wide variety of species including the now extinct American Chestnut, White and Red Oak, Hemlock,  Long-Leaf Yellow Pine, and occasionally other species.

Review Photo Gallery of Extensive Inventory!  Personal tours of this one of many warehouses can be scheduled by contacting us.

Contact us to find out what we have currently available.

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Original Red Painted Pine Barn Siding
Worn & Weathered Barn Siding

Barn Siding

Carefully removed from vintage barns and other structures, then de-nailed and cleaned, sorted and stacked. We can provide vintage barn siding in pine and hemlock. Barn Siding can be provided with the original worn and painted finish or planed just enough to reveal the character of the wood while preserving the evidence of its age.

Widths vary 6" to 22", Lengths 6' to 18'

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FlooringChestnut & Pine Flooring

We have lots of vintage floor boards from the many old structures we have dismantled over the years. Wide planks of pine, oak, and chestnut as well as narrower tongue and groove flooring is available. It can be provided with the naturally weathered and worn finish or planed smooth.

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Original Hand Hewn BeamsHand Hewn Beams

We specialize in dismantling and rebuilding original timber frame structures, especially large Pennsylvania German bank barns. Often we obtain the salvage rights to structures that are incomplete or so far gone as to be unusable for reconstruction purposes, but still contain lots of salvageable lumber in the form of large-dimensioned posts and beams. It is from this source that we collect our stock of hand-hewn oak still prized for its sturdy and long-lasting qualities. These beams find many uses, for building new timber-frame structures, additions or repairs to existing vintage buildings, and resawn for flooring, moldings, furniture & cabinet-making and a myriad of other purposes.

Review Photo Gallery of Extensive Beam Inventory!  Personal tours of this one of many warehouses can be scheduled by contacting us.

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Resawn Lumber to Fit Your SpecsRe-sawn Lumber

We can mill our stock of reclaimed beams and other vintage wood into lumber to meet your specific needs. From rough slabs to finished tongue and groove flooring or custom moldings, we can get you what you're searching for. We also obtain recently cut timber and age it for use in custom construction.

Contact us to find out what we have currently available.

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