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Check out our new Project Gallery that highlights a number of projects completed throughout the years.† Get a perspective of what is involved with dismantling an antique barn.† Many of the pictures start with the images of the original barn and step through the complete process of dismantling.

Review pictures of this beautiful antique barn from Alburtis, PA

Check out our new project gallery

Volume 1, issue 1, 2/9/2006

Fields of stone!

Fields of Stone are what you can find at Wood Natural!† Review this newly added photo gallery to get an idea of the types of stone we can provide.† There is usually at least 2000 tons of stone to select from that varies in look and color.

Whether it be for a new project or repair of existing work we can provide you with this unique recycled stone material.

Many of the barns and other structures we reclaim have stone foundations, stone walls, and other stone elements such as window sills, lintels, and door stoops.† Like our frugal ancestors we donít let any of this material go to waste, but reuse it in other construction projects and resell it to others for their use.

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Over 2000 tons of high quality antique stone to choose from!

We have been busy over the past few years obtaining unique materials increasing our extensive inventory.† Review the newly added photo gallery to get an idea of the various items moving through out extensive 10,000 plus sq. ft. inventory.† This photo gallery highlights only one of the many locations we have for storage and safe keep of the antique materials.† Contact us for a custom tour which can be scheduled as time permits.

We have been busy increasing inventory

After two great years we have revised our company website.

Visit the updated site to see what we have been up to.† Review photo galleries for projects, lumber & stone inventory.

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