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Recently we dismantled a 1 1/2 story 16’ x 18’ wagon shed   that is available for sale.  Some of the features of this wagon shed are the thru tenion, half dovetailed ends on the wall ties.  They were held in place with wedges.  The wind braces also helped make the timber frame construction of this wagon shed very strong.

Review pictures of this beautiful antique wagon shed which is now available for sale.  Select the image above to view photo gallery.

Pa german—1850 circa wagon shed

Volume 1, issue 2, 3/9/2006

Period white pine flooring installation

Recently we were contracted to install flooring for a newly renovated kitchen area in the Lehigh Valley.  The flooring prepared for this job was recovered from a 19th century stone farm house.  The flooring was random width ranging from 6” to 16” wide.  The total amount of material used totaled 1,600 sq. ft.

The material was re-milled to a thickness of 13/16” and the edges were shiplapped.  The ends of the flooring were beveled.  Size 8d nails were used to install the finished floor.

After it was installed it was buffed with 80 grit screen.  The final buffing used a 120 grit screen then a coat of Satin Waterlox was used for the finish.

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Review pictures of this recent white pine flooring job.

More Details                                            Photo Gallery

More Details                                                   Photo Gallery

Another recently dismantled barn sized 35’ x 80’ is available for purchase.  This fantastic barn is built in two periods.  The original barn sized at 35’ x 30’ and the second at 35’ x 50’ for a total length of 80’.

The frame is in excellent condition and the timbers are all hand hewn from oak and chestnut.  This large barn would make an ideal conversion to house or barn.


More Details                                            Photo Gallery

There is a combination of chestnut, oak, and poplar used in the timbers of this 1850 wagon shed.  The posts are 8” x 8” and wind braces are 7” x 7”.  This wagon shed would make a great addition or rebuilt stand alone.

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