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Recently we dismantled a mid 19th century barn located in Leesport, PA that has excellent hand hewn beams that will be added to our already large inventory of beams.  Rafters, flooring, and beams will be available for purchase immediately.  All the beams are hand hewn and in excellent condition.

Review pictures of this beautiful mid 19th century bank barn.  Material from this barn has been added to our extensive inventory for purchase. Photo Gallery

Pa german—1850 circa bank barn

Volume 1, issue 3, 4/9/2006

Large diameter white pine trees salvaged for plank material

Recently we came across some very large diameter white pine trees salvaged from a clearing operation in Northeastern, PA.  These trees were brought to our central location and sawed into very large—thick planks and stored to dry for future use.

View pictures of the sawing operation taking place using our sawmill.  The pictures show the sawing process along with the stripping of bark.  They were stacked with slats in-between for drying and future use as custom tables.

Many of the planks are more than 24” wide which will make for a very unique free-form table. 

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Review pictures of this re-salvaged white pine timber.

Photo Gallery

More Details                                            Photo Gallery

More Details                                                   Photo Gallery

These doors were pulled out of our extensive inventory of 18th and 19th century salvaged doors.  They all were salvaged from various houses located in Northeast, PA.

The doors are all in original condition all still containing original hardware.  Much of the original hardware is hand forged with great detail.  They could be used as show pieces or re-finished for functional use.

Vintage doors—a variety of vantage doors

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There is a combination of oak rafters, flooring, and beams that were salvaged from this vintage mid19th century barn in Northeastern, PA.  All materials have been added to our inventory for sale.

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