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Wood Natural Journal

Get the current scoop on what's happening at Wood Natural Restorations.  Our monthly news letter keeps everyone up to date on the most current work and items available.  If you would like to be on the mailing list please visit the Contact page, complete and submit.

This page is a listing of the current and all previous issues of the Wood Natural Journal.  Select the link for each edition to see what was current that month.

Wood Natural Journal - Vol. 1 Iss. 3, 4/9/06

PA German - 1850 Bank Barn
Recently we dismantled a mid 19th century barn located in Leesport, PA that has excellent hand hewn beams that will be added to our already large inventory of beams.  Rafters, flooring, and beams will be available for purchase immediately.  All the beams are hand hewn and in excellent condition.

Vintage Doors - A Variety of Vintage Doors
These doors were pulled out of our extensive inventory of 18th and 19th century salvaged doors.  They all were salvaged from various houses located in Northeast, PA.

The doors are all in original condition all still containing original hardware.  Much of the original hardware is hand forged with great detail.  They could be used as show pieces or re-finished for functional use.

Large Diameter White Pine Trees Salvaged
Recently we came across some very large diameter white pine trees salvaged from a clearing operation in Northeastern, PA.  These trees were brought to our central location and sawed into very large—thick planks and stored to dry for future use.


Wood Natural Journal - Vol. 1 Iss. 2, 3/9/06

PA German - 1850 Circa Wagon Shed
Recently we dismantled a 1 1/2 story 16’ x 18’ wagon shed   that is available for sale.  Some of the features of this wagon shed are the thru tenion, half dovetailed ends on the wall ties.  They were held in place with wedges.  The wind braces also helped make the timber frame construction of this wagon shed very strong.

PA German - 1840 Circa Forebay Bank Barn
Another recently dismantled barn sized 35’ x 80’ is available for purchase.  This fantastic barn is built in two periods.  The original barn sized at 35’ x 30’ and the second at 35’ x 50’ for a total length of 80’.

The frame is in excellent condition and the timbers are all hand hewn from oak and chestnut.  This large barn would make an ideal conversion to house or barn.

Period White Pine Flooring Installation
Recently we were contracted to install flooring for a newly renovated kitchen area in the Lehigh Valley.  The flooring prepared for this job was recovered from a 19th century stone farm house.  The flooring was random width ranging from 6” to 16” wide.  The total amount of material used totaled 1,600 sq. ft.

Wood Natural Journal - Vol. 1 Iss. 1, 2/9/06

Check Out Our New Project Gallery
Check out our new Project Gallery that highlights a number of projects completed throughout the years.  Get a perspective of what is involved with dismantling an antique barn.  Many of the pictures start with the images of the original barn and step through the complete process of dismantling.

We Have Been Busy Increasing Inventory
We have been busy over the past few years obtaining unique materials increasing our extensive inventory.  Review the newly added photo gallery to get an idea of the various items moving through out extensive 10,000 plus sq. ft. inventory.  This photo gallery highlights only one of the many locations we have for storage and safe keep of the antique materials.  Contact us for a custom tour which can be scheduled as time permits.

Fields Of Stone
Fields of Stone are what you can find at Wood Natural!  Review this newly added photo gallery to get an idea of the types of stone we can provide.  There is usually at least 2000 tons of stone to select from that varies in look and color.


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